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The bookstore has dozens of books that teach children the
alphabet. Some do it through popular characters such as
Big Bird and Elmo, others by showing everyday life: 'F' is
always for 'Firefighter,' 'K' is for 'Kite,' and 'O' is for
'Outsourcing.' Then there's one that's rather popular in
the big city, written by a mother to help her children
understand their father's drug and alcohol problems:

A is for 'Arrest.' It's what the police do when they take
Daddy away; he gets to ride in a cool car and doesn't have
to pay.

B is for 'Bail.' It's the money we pay to get Daddy out of
jail; it's the reason the pawn shop has Mommy's ring for

C is for 'Crime.' It's what Daddy does to pay for food,
toilet paper and soap; he'd get a regular job if he wasn't
such a dope.

D is for 'Drugs.' Daddy isn't a pharmacist, but he's sold
many drugs; he isn't a model, but he's posed for many mugs.

E is for 'Escape.' That's what Daddy's always trying to do;
breaking out of prison or smoking a joint or two.

F is for 'Fool.' Applying for work, Daddy listed his
previous job as 'felon'; those drugs have turned his brain
into a watermelon.

G is for 'Government." Daddy blames them for all his woes,
not all that stuff he puts up his nose.

H is for 'Hunk.' When Mommy married Daddy, he was such a
hunk; then he took drugs and everything shrunk.

I is for 'Inadequate.' It's what Daddy feels when they lock
him up; his cellmate expects him to wear a D-cup.

J is for 'Judgment.' It's how Daddy's time in prison is
often spent, trying to figure out what the judge meant.

K is for 'Kilogram.' That's how much cocaine Daddy hid in
his pants; he looked like a stud, but only at first glance.

L is for 'Love.' It's the reason Mommy stays with Daddy
through thick and thin; the reason Daddy's always kissing
his bottle of gin.

M is for 'Marriage.' It's a word Daddy sometimes mixes up
with 'Marijuana'; he tried to buy it on our honeymoon in

N is for 'Nearsighted.' Daddy's always nearsighted, seeking
short-term gain; if he thought about our future, he'd
short-circuit his brain.

O is for 'Orange.' It's what Daddy wears when he's on the
prison crew, the only time in life he's brighter than you.

P is for 'Probation.' It's what Daddy got when he committed
his first crime, a good opportunity to do it another time.

Q is for 'Quarter.' Daddy tried to sell some crack to a Fed;
that's because he used only a quarter of his head.

R is for 'Remorse.' It's what Daddy's expected to show
during his trial; when the charges are listed, Mommy wishes
he wouldn't smile.

S is for 'Swearing.' It's those four-letter words Daddy
likes to use, especially on those nights when he runs out of

T is for 'Testimony.' It's what those people say about Daddy
in court; it's like getting an 'F' on a school report.

U is for 'Underachiever.' Daddy hasn't achieved much in his
life so far, unless you count those drinking contests at the

V is for 'Visitation.' It's the quality time you spend with
Daddy in jail, when he tells you his dinner tastes like
uncooked snail.

W is for 'Withdrawal.' It's what Daddy goes through when he
hasn't had drugs in a day; he withdraws to the shed and
tries to smoke some hay.

X is for 'X-ray.' Once, at the airport, they put Daddy
through the x-ray; you'd be amazed what they found under his

Y is for 'Year.' Daddy had a job for a year in the slammer;
he made license plates for the state of Alabama.

Z is for 'Zero.' That's the amount of joy Daddy's drugs have
brought; if he were a trash man, we'd be smiling a lot.


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                                             Click here to visit Melvin's funny blog!

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