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Four out of five dentists like these columns:

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An open letter to Indian-American kids

Adopting an adorable four-year-old

Loading up the book of faces

Sixty years and counting for the queen

No lottery wins but still feeling lucky

Letter to your child’s teacher

Facing up to an addiction

Indian English: It vill be wery helpful, yaar!

The challenge of being a stay-at-home dad

Knocking on hell’s door

Money-saving tips that really work!

The adventures of quota guy

Fighting for men’s rights

Getting intimate with the airport security officer

Life begins at 100

Flying much safer than driving

Airport security: Don’t take it personally

Still figuring out what women want

Shed some light on Africa

Driving a stick shift isn’t automatic

The growing threat on English

Leave your children in the dust

Too many idiots on the highway

Dogs are enjoying the good life

The strange people across the border

Excited about my new source of wealth

The challenges of being a domestic dad

Breaking down the language barrier

Soccer injuries multiply with age

‘A’ is for ‘Arrest,’ ‘B’ is for ‘Bail’

Yard sales boost the economy

The nice old woman in the shoe

Everyone has pet peeves

Questions that probe your heart

Strong economy helps job seekers

Fighting over football

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